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Why support POPL?

POPL is the longest standing programming languages conference and one of the most prestigious. As such, our community educates the top PL and compilers students, many of whom go on to work in industry. Corporate funds are used to support social events used for networking, promote community mentoring, and subsidize student attendance, and in turn serve to raise the community profile of the supporting companies.

POPL also hosts a wide variety of affiliated events including several workshops and a range of tutorials. In addition, POPL is co-located with PLMW, the Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop, one of the most successful draws for programming languages students in the PL community. Each year, hundreds of students attend, and after soaking up such events, they return home inspired to pursue research in programming language theory, design, analysis and implementation with the confidence that exciting future careers in this area await them.

This year, we are highlighting multiple kinds of support for the conference. Please let us know how you would like us to apply your support as funds can be allocated to the POPL main conference, the PLMW workshop, or both:

  • POPL Main Support: POPL main support funds are used to support social events at the main POPL conference that provide valuable networking and mentoring opportunities for attendees in general and students in particular. This funding will also be used to help decrease registration costs, especially for students, and to give free registration to the student volunteers who help run the conference.

  • Carbon Offset Support: Air travel has a significant environmental cost and hence POPL, which brings researchers together from all over the world, does so at a considerable environmental expense. We are looking for a sponsor to offset the carbon costs of the conference.

  • PLMW Mentoring Support: The Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop (PLMW) is the day prior to the main POPL conference. It aims to encourage graduate students and senior undergraduate students to pursue careers in programming language research. As a sponsor, you will in particular help to fund women and underrepresented minority students to attend both POPL and PLMW. All funds designated as mentoring sponsorship funds will be transferred directly to the PLMW @ POPL organization.

Support levels for the main conference, PLMW and carbon offsets, are listed below.

POPL Main Support Levels

Bronze: $2,500

  • Logo on website.
  • Logo on the splash screen prior to each POPL 2020 talk during live streaming and prior to videos archived on youtube for viewing after the conference.

Silver: $5,000

  • As above plus:
  • An opportunity to display printed materials at the registration desk.

Gold: $8,000

  • As above plus:
  • An opportunity to include branded merchandise in participants’ swag bag, such as a t-shirt, for example, if desired.
  • A table in the conference common area during POPL proper where, if you wish, you can display publicity material, distribute handouts, talk to potential recruits, or demo software.
  • Two complimentary registrations.
  • Other arrangements are possible based on your needs and interests (subject to ACM restrictions on commercial involvement).

Platinum: $11,000

  • As above plus:
  • There are three social hours associated with POPL, one at the end of each day. On a first-come, first-served basis, each of the social hours may be associated with the name of a platinum supporter. A representative from the company will be granted five minutes at the beginning of the branded social hour to make a few comments to the attendees.
  • Three complimentary registrations.
  • Supporter may supply participant lanyards, badge ribbons, or a banner on stage carrying the supporter logo.
  • Other arrangements are possible based on your needs and interests.

Carbon Offset Support: $20,000

  • All the benefits of POPL Main Platinum sponsorship.
  • There will only be one Carbon Offset sponsor.
  • A special thanks in the conference booklet and journal issue for helping minimize the climate impact of POPL 2020.
  • Part of the ACM SIGPLAN actions on climate change.
  • Sponsorship will be used to purchase carbon offsets for all participants’ air travel.
  • If you are interested in supporting carbon offsets at POPL, please discuss logistics with the POPL industrial relations chair.

PLMW Mentoring Support

PLMW Mentoring Silver: $1,000

Your logo will be included in the PLMW @ POPL 2020 web site.

PLMW Mentoring Gold: $2,500

Your logo will be included in the PLMW @ POPL 2020 web site. You will get a table/booth-like space during PLMW.

PLMW Mentoring Platinum: $5,000

All of the benefits of PLMW Gold Mentoring. There are three mentoring breakfasts associated with POPL, one at the beginning of each day. PLMW platinum supporters will be given a designated table at one of the breakfast days clearly identifying the company to provide networking opportunities with students attending POPL. Additional arrangements are possible based on your needs and interests.

Questions about how to contribute to POPL may be directed to Professor David Walker (dpw@cs.princeton.edu), Princeton University, the POPL Industrial Relations Chair.