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Recent years have seen major advances in the application of formal methods and other high assurance verification techniques to software and hardware. However, it is rarely used in the engineering of actual production systems rather than academic prototypes. At the same time, attacks on production systems are showing no signs of decreasing in frequency, whilst our reliance on their security is rapidly increasing, particularly with technologies such as IoT and Cloud, where physical isolation and firewalling are less and less useful.

We believe these trends are converging. The importance and complexity of systems software makes it an ideal application for formal and high assurance verification. The Workshop on High Assurance Systems Engineering (“HASE”) was launched in January 2019 to drive this convergence forward by bringing researchers and practitioners together to discuss applications of formal methods to real world systems and scenarios, and we would like to further this work by hosting a HASE sub-session co-located with POPL 2020.

HASE 2020 Interest Registration

The workshop is non-traditional in format and will be structured as a series of collaborative working sessions. We therefore will ask participants to commit to joining us for the whole two days, if they choose to participate. Based on previous workshops, this commitment will lead to a far more productive and interesting discussion. So that we can get an idea of numbers and also of participant interest in various topics and in potentially speaking, please register interest here: https://forms.gle/qGf7h1DAvybBuQC47