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The Workshop on Gradual Typing (WGT) aims at disseminating the latest results on the integration of compile­-time and run­-time checking of program invariants, such as the integration of static and dynamic type checking. The workshop serves as an incubator for ideas, open problems, and manuscripts: it is a place where the community can meet, discuss, and give each other constructive feedback. The workshop will encourage participation from researchers in both academia and industry, drawing people from the many active projects on both sides of the aisle.

Format: A one-day workshop with 1­-2 invited talks and 6­-9 regular talks. The submission formats will be full­papers (max 25 pages) and short papers (max 10 pages), but there will be no official proceedings. Authors are encouraged to submit polished versions of their workshop submissions to other ACM conferences. The review process is standard, with at least three reviews of each paper by the program committee, who will then select the papers that will be presented at the workshop. The criteria for selection will prioritize novelty and timeliness over presentation quality. The program committee will also decide on the invited talks.

History: This will be the first edition of the Workshop on Gradual Typing. There was a closely related workshop that ran from 2009 to 2016, the Scripts to Programs Workshop (STOP), that was affiliated with the ECOOP conference. With the ending of that workshop coupled with the recent strength of publishing on gradual typing at the ACM SIGPLAN conferences, it seemed that the time was right to start a SIGPLAN affiliated workshop on gradual typing. In that respect, POPL is the right venue to hold this workshop. There have been 12 papers on gradual typing published in the last four editions of POPL and there was a session dedicated to gradual typing in three of the last four editions of POPL.

Call for Papers

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