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Robert Rand

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Name: Robert Rand

Bio: I am a Basili postdoctoral fellow in Programming Languages at the University of Maryland and the Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science. My main interest is in applying techniques from programming languages and formal verification to the domain of quantum computation. My PhD thesis revolved around QWIRE (“choir”), a quantum circuit language and verification tool that I developed jointly with Jennifer Paykin at the University of Pennsylvania. I’m working on Verified Quantum Computing, an introduction to quantum computing in the Coq proof assistant, and SQIRE, a verified intermediate representation for optimizing and compiling quantum programs.

Country: United States

Affiliation: University of Maryland

Personal website: http://www.cs.umd.edu/~rrand/

Research interests: Quantum Computing, Formal Verification, Programming Languages


PLanQC 2020Author of A Verified Optimizer for Quantum Circuits within the PLanQC-track
Session Chair of Introduction and Invited Talks (part of PLanQC)
Organizer in Organizing Committee within the PLanQC-track
Author of Tracking Errors through Types in Quantum Programs within the PLanQC-track
Author of Verified translation between low-level quantum languages within the PLanQC-track
Chair in Program Committee within the PLanQC-track
Author of Merged Talk: A Verified Optimizer for Quantum Circuits & Verified Translation Between Low-Level Quantum Languages within the PLanQC-track
POPL 2020Author of [T2] Verified Quantum Computing within the TutorialFest-track
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