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The main way of analyzing the complexity of a program is that of extracting and solving a recurrence that expresses its running time in terms of the size of its input. We develop a method that automatically extracts such recurrences from the syntax of higher-order recursive functional programs. The resulting recurrences, which are programs in a call-by-name language with recursion, explicitly compute the running time in terms of the size of the input. In order to achieve this in a uniform way that covers both call-by-name and call-by-value evaluation strategies, we use Call-by-Push-Value (CBPV) as an intermediate language. Finally, we use domain theory to develop a denotational cost semantics for the resulting recurrences.

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Wed 22 Jan

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11:45 - 12:30
Reasoning about Program Complexity/EfficiencyResearch Papers at Ile de France II (IDF II)
Chair(s): Thomas Wies New York University
Recurrence Extraction for Functional Programs through Call-by-Push-Value
Research Papers
Alex Kavvos Aarhus University, Edward Morehouse Wesleyan University, Daniel R. Licata Wesleyan University, Norman Danner Wesleyan University
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Liquidate Your Assets: Reasoning About Resource Usage in Liquid Haskell
Research Papers
Martin Adam Thomas Handley University of Nottingham, Niki Vazou IMDEA Software Institute, Graham Hutton University of Nottingham, UK
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