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Mon 20 Jan 2020 11:30 - 12:00 at Conde - Research Papers

Most automated verifiers for separation logic target the symbolic-heap fragment, disallowing both the magic-wand operator and the application of classical Boolean operators to spatial formulas. This is not surprising, as support for the magic wand quickly leads to undecidability, especially when combined with inductive predicates for reasoning about data structures.

To circumvent these undecidability results, we propose to assign a more restrictive semantics to the separating conjunction. We argue that the resulting logic, strong-separation logic, can be used for compositional program verification and bi-abductive static analysis just like ``standard'' separation logic, while remaining decidable even in the presence of both the magic wand and the list-segment predicate—a combination of features that leads to undecidability assuming the standard semantics.

Strong-Separation Logic (ADSL.pdf)232KiB

Mon 20 Jan

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