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Sat 25 Jan 2020 11:18 - 11:42 at Rosalie - Foundations and timing channels Chair(s): Marco Vassena

Practitioners of secure information flow often face a design challenge: what is the right semantic treatment of leaks via termination? On the one hand, the potential harm of untrusted code calls for strong progress-sensitive security. On the other hand, when the code is trusted to not aggressively exploit termination channels, practical concerns, such as permissiveness of the enforcement, make a case for settling for weaker, progress-insensitive security. This binary situation, however, provides no suitable middle point for systems that mix trusted and untrusted code. This work connects the two extremes by viewing progress-insensitivity as a particular form of declassification. Our novel semantic condition reconciles progress-insensitive security as a declassification bound on the so-called progress knowledge (in an otherwise progress-sensitive setting). We show how the new condition can be soundly enforced using a mostly standard information-flow monitor.

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Sat 25 Jan
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10:30 - 12:30: Principles of Secure Compilation 2020 - Foundations and timing channels at Rosalie
Chair(s): Marco VassenaCISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security
prisc-2020-papers10:30 - 10:54
Marco PatrignaniStanford University & CISPA , Marco GuarnieriIMDEA Software Institute
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prisc-2020-papers10:54 - 11:18
Carmine AbateInria Paris, Roberto BlancoInria, Stefan CiobacaAlexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Deepak GargMax Planck Institute for Software Systems, Cătălin HriţcuInria Paris, Marco PatrignaniStanford University & CISPA , Éric TanterUniversity of Chile, Jérémy ThibaultInria Paris
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prisc-2020-papers11:18 - 11:42
Johan BayAarhus University, Aslan AskarovAarhus University
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prisc-2020-papers11:42 - 12:06
Ken Friis LarsenDIKU, University of Copenhagen, Torben MogensenDIKU, University of Copenhagen, Michael Kirkedal ThomsenDIKU, University of Copenhagen
prisc-2020-papers12:06 - 12:30
Sandrine BlazyUniv Rennes- IRISA, Rémi HutinIRISA / ENS Rennes, David PichardieUniv Rennes, ENS Rennes, IRISA
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