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Tue 21 Jan 2020 15:35 - 15:56 at Maurepas - Formalized mathematics 1 Chair(s): Robert Y. Lewis

Perfectoid spaces are sophisticated objects in arithmetic geometry introduced by Peter Scholze in 2012. We formalised enough definitions and theorems in topology, algebra and geometry to define perfectoid spaces in the Lean theorem prover. This experiment confirms that a proof assistant can handle complexity in that direction, which is rather different from formalising a long proof about simple objects. It also confirms that mathematicians with no computer science training can become proficient users of a proof assistant in a relatively short period of time. Finally, we observe that formalising a piece of mathematics that is a trending topic boosts the visibility of proof assistants amongst pure mathematicians.

Tue 21 Jan
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15:35 - 16:40: CPP 2020 - Formalized mathematics 1 at Maurepas
Chair(s): Robert Y. LewisVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
CPP-2020-papers15:35 - 15:56
Patrick MassotUniversité Paris Sud, Kevin BuzzardImperial College London, Johan CommelinUniversität Freiburg
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CPP-2020-papers15:56 - 16:18
Abhishek Kr SinghTata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai, Raja NatarajanTata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai
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CPP-2020-papers16:18 - 16:40
Christian DoczkalUniversité Côte d'Azur, Damien PousCNRS, ENS Lyon
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